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Renoair – Renewable energy, eolic and solar

Renewable energies are inexhaustible sources of energy obtained from the nature around us, like the sun or the wind. The Renoair works with all studies and infrastructure, to achieve maximum energy performance, making these energies for our daily use.

In addition, the Renoair performs comprehensive maintenance programs and consultancy from weather stations: airspeed and solarimetric.

Solar Energy

The strength of Solar Trailer the solar radiation can be converted into electricity or heat, such as photovoltaic panels or solar thermal panel for space heating or water. Renoair enables the study of the necessary energy potential, so that these panels have their maximum performance.

Eolic Energy

The wind strength can be converted into electricity through turbines / wind generators. The study of the energy potential is essential for maximum performance of these devices and thus energy production excellence, and Renoair provides all instruments / equipment for optimal energy performance.

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